Anne Hathaway Knows Eggs-actly How She Wants Her Breakfast After Reportedly Sending Her Meal Back FOUR Times!

anne hathaway eggsgate

Oh no!

On Sunday, it was reported that Anne Hathaway was not “yoking” around when it came to her breakfast as she sent back her early morning meal FOUR times. Yikes!

Apparently, while the Oscar winner was onset at Paramount Studios in El Lay filming a Japanese commercial, she decided to order poached eggs with avocado and an English muff — but was unhappy when the eggs turned out to be too “runny.”

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The actress acted like any normal person and decided to send the breakfast plate back to be fixed.

However, it’s said that when her food returned she sent it back again since the english muffin had gotten too cold in the process of the chef cooking the new eggs.

When Miz Hathaway’s meal returned for a second time, the brunette beauty complained that the eggs had gotten cold while waiting for the new English muffin to be toasted and sent it back AGAIN. Oof!

Unfortunately, when the plate was given to The Intern actress after its final attempt to be fixed, she decided she was no longer in the mood for poached eggs and wanted a fried egg instead. Geez!

Well, this situation is just going to give those “Hathahaters” more ammunition to work with. We have a feeling this whole diva-like behavior was out of character for the starlet.

At least, we hope it is! Fingers crossed.

[Image via Dan Jackman/WENN.]

Oct 12, 2015 9:23am PDT

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