Bill Cosby Facing More Depositions And Court Hearings Regarding His Sexual Assault Cases

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Court is about to become Bill Cosby‘s new stomping grounds!

After the comedian gave a seven and a half hour deposition on Friday regarding a sexual assault case filed by Judy Huth, high powered attorney Gloria Allred revealed this is NOT the last time Cosby will be deposed.

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Allred, who represents the plaintiff and many other of Bill’s alleged victims, said she’s more than ready to go after the actor at all costs, explaining:

“We’ll be filing motions with the court in connection with the deposition. We’ll also be seeking to take a further deposition of Mr. Cosby at a later date.”

Wait, what does Allred mean when she says she’ll be “filing motions with the court in connection with the deposition”?

Here’s what’s going on — the comedian’s people want the Cosby Show star’s deposition to be permanently sealed to save him from “embarrassment”.

While B.C. is safe for a few months, a judge will decide if the transcript will go public on December 22.

Obviously Gloria thinks the docs should be released and she’s prepared to argue her points in front of a judge come December.

We’ll update you as this case progresses!

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Oct 12, 2015 5:04pm PDT

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