Confederate Flag Wavers Face Serious Anti-Gang Charges After Allegedly Harassing A Child’s Birthday Party

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This is a creative and important way to handle a scary incident!

A group of white men in Georgia allegedly harassed a group of black partygoers back in July, by driving pickup trucks up to the party, displaying weapons and Confederate Flags, and yelling racial slurs.

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Now, in an interesting turn of events, that group of Confederate Flag-friendly white men — who, by the way, was interrupting a child’s birthday party — was just indicted by Georgia authorities as a street gang.

Aside from the satisfying aspect of that indictment, the street gang charge would actually triple the penalties under Georgia’s anti-gang statutes in addition to penalties for making terroristic threats.

As is reported now, the group gang was pretty intent on causing mayhem that fateful day back in July:

“A cellphone video of part of the episode shows several white men driving away from the party in a convoy of pickup trucks with the Confederate battle flag and other banners, including American flags, fluttering from the truck beds. The partygoers contend that members of the flag group yelled racial slurs and displayed a crow bar, a knife and either a rifle or a shotgun.”

Furthermore, the group allegedly threatened to kill the birthday partygoers, as well as the children, in a horrifying and unfortunate turn of events.

Check out video from the alleged incident in Douglasville, Georgia back in July (below):

Luckily, no one was injured on that day over the summer, but now the flag-bearers are facing up to 15 years in jail from the gang statutes alone.

[Image via YouTube.]

Oct 12, 2015 6:33pm PST

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