College Student Comforts A Deaf Man With Cerebral Palsy By Doing This One Incredibly Sweet And Simple Thing!

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We need more stories like this in the world!

A college student named Godfrey Cuotto was riding a bus in Hamilton, Ontario when a man asked him for a handshake while sitting next to each other on the crowded, loud ride home.

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Cuotto shook the man’s hand, and when the man — whose name is Robert — didn’t let go after the handshake, the 22-year-old student began to think he was being pranked.

But after a minute, Godfrey realized something else was going on entirely: the man was deaf, and had cerebral palsy, and he was simply overwhelmed by the bus ride. All he wanted — and Godfrey provided it — was a minute of comfort and support in a stressful situation.

Speaking to reporters, Godfrey said of the exchange:

“He kept holding my hand. I thought I was getting pranked at first, but he just needed comfort. I just allowed it, like what am I going to do? Sometimes you just have to be selfless and put someone else’s needs above yours.”


Later, on Facebook, a family member of Robert’s contacted Godfrey and thanked him for making the ride a bit easier for the man, who spent the entire 30 minutes next to Godfrey.

Love hearing things like this! It’s so simple to brighten someone’s day, even if you’re just sitting on the bus.

You go, Godfrey Cuotto!

[Image via Only In Hamilton/Facebook.]

Oct 12, 2015 11:57am PST

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