The Walking Dead Season Premiere Features An Actual Zombie Parade! Get The Bloody Recap Of Season 6’s First Episode!

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Decay. Betrayal. Zombie parades! These were just a few elements of The Walking Dead‘s season premiere!

AMC’s hit horror show returned on Sunday night, and fans were blessed with the most disgusting zombie legion in the show’s history — a literal zombie parade!


But first, some familiar Alexandrites returned: Tara (Alanna Masterson) finally woke up from her comatose state to deliver funny quips. Also, we meet a few new outbreak survivors who have been away on a supply run, like Heath (Corey Hawkins) who asks: “Anything big happen while we were going?” LOLz!

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And finally, we got to see the long awaited reunion between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Morgan (Lennie James). Morgan notices Rick’s disturbingly cold interactions with the people he’s supposed to be protecting by forcing some of the more unskilled townsfolk into a zombie confrontation!

This causes a man named Carter (Ethan Embry) to plan to kill Rick and assume control over the community, but Rick walks in on murder planning and puts a stop to the betrayal by inviting Carter to work with him — because he knows the man won’t survive for too long!

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This brings us back to the zombie parade, which starts when Rick and Morgan stumble upon about 100,000 walkers just chilling in a quarry campground, barricaded by a handful of big trucks.

Seeing the horde as a threat to the peaceful Alexandria safe zone, Rick hatches a plan to lure the zombies out of the campgrounds and lead them away from the town to be someone else’s problem!

After the small casualty of Carter, who gets his face bitten off (see, Rick knew!) the plan seems to have worked, until the gang hears the sound of a loud horn coming from Alexandria — and all the walkers hear it too!

So, now we have about a gazillion zombies heading straight towards the sleepy little safezone! Yikes!

Find out what happens next when The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC!

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Oct 12, 2015 10:13am PDT

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