UFC Star Confirms Relationship With Ronda Rousey — ‘She’s My Woman & I’m Her Man’

Travis Browne confirms relationship rumors with Ronda Rousey

Oo la la!

Rumors circulated over the summer about a potential relationship between Glendale Fighting Club teammates Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne — and now we know it’s official! Well, at least that’s what he’s saying!

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Browne, 33, confirmed the relationship with the highly popular UFC champ on Monday during an interview with The MMA Hour Live:

“Dating is for children. Dating is for kids. Over the summer, through all the sh*t that I had to shuffle through, that I had to sift through, Ronda and I started talking throughout the summer and I’ll say now that we are together. She’s my woman and I’m her man. There’s no boyfriend, girlfriend stuff. There’s no dating. We’re together.”

Training at the same El Lay gym brought the two together, but Browne admits that hasn’t been a burden on their blossoming relationship:

“It’s not weird. It’s not something we have to adjust to. We’ve been doing that the entire time that I was here. She was doing her camps, I was doing mine without that thought process going through our head. There isn’t a single damn thing, unless it has to do with a family member on their deathbed, that’s going to distract me from those two hours and being focused in that gym. When my coach talks, I listen. When he’s working with somebody else, I’m watching. The same goes for her and she’s actually been a great example of that, of just being ultra focused and being borderline obsessive with training. And it’s not weird at all. Like I said, we didn’t start off interested in each other and now we have to work together. We worked together when we were just acquaintances.”

Glad they’re able to motivate each other!

However, it’s been a rocky summer for Browne — who was accused of domestic violence by his estranged wife, Jenna Webb, in June. The UFC conducted an investigation and didn’t find enough evidence to punish Browne.

That definitely adds some pressure to his new relationship!

Rousey — whose career is at an all time high — has a lot going on, but Browne said her crazy schedule doesn’t affect their time together:

“She’s a huge star and that’s great for her and I’m happy for her. I want nothing to do but support that aspect in her life.”

Rousey hasn’t publicly acknowledged the romance, but it seems pretty clear to us!

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Oct 12, 2015 4:00pm PDT

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