Amy Duggar Reveals EXACTLY How Anna Duggar Is Handling The Aftermath Of Her Husband Josh’s Scandals!

amy duggar dishes about anna duggar

How is Anna Duggar REALLY handling her husband’s headline-making behavior?!

Well, according to Amy Duggar, the mother-of-four is dealing with the media frenzy surrounding Josh Duggar‘s molestation and Ashley Madison controversies like a total champ.

Hmm, very inneresting.

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She shared:

“She’s good. I talk to her a lot. She’s doing good. She’s stronger than I would be, I’ll tell you that. There’s no way I could handle that…I would handle it so different, oh my gosh.”

Wow, what a fairly candid answer. Though we can always can count on Miz Duggar for the scoop surrounding her 19 Kids and Counting cousins.

Still, this update is a bit a surprising as Josh’s wife has remained relatively mute since the 27-year-old once again made the news for using the extramarital affair site to cheat on his doting love.

Nonetheless, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar‘s daughter-in-law did stand by her man when it was revealed that he had molested five girls when he was a teenager.

Last month, it was rumored that Anna had been hiding out at her parent’s home in Florida while she waited for her husband to complete his stint in rehab.

We can’t imagine this process has been in any way easy.

Regardless, though Amy’s cousin may be dealing with some marital struggles, she appears to still be in the honeymoon phase of her marriage. In case you forgot, Amy married Dillon King back in September.

Despite all the fun she had in Cancun on her honeymoon, she’s not expecting and is NOT planning to be any time soon.

She noted:

“There’s no honeymoon baby. My cousins asked me when I got back — they were like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I was like, ‘Uh, no.’ And they looked shocked. I mean, shocked! They were…almost upset, you know? [We’re] definitely not planning anything, not anytime soon.”

Well that makes sense, she JUST got married!

She continued:

“I think [Dillon] will be an awesome dad and I can’t wait to be a mom someday, but we’ve got so many little cousins to love on and so many little kiddos that we don’t feel like we’re missing out. Right now, it’s like, let’s just not.”

LOLz! That’s fair.

However, time can certainly change things. We’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground about potential baby news while we wait for Josh’s release from rehab. HA!

[Image via Anna Duggar/Instagram.]

Oct 13, 2015 9:55am PDT

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