Hillary Clinton Blasts Donald Trump: ‘It Is Not Entertaining To Insult Immigrants And Women’

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Preach, Hillary Clinton!

The Democractic presidential candidate made a surprise showing at a union rally in Las Vegas on Monday night, and she totally called out Donald Trump in her speech!

Talking to food service workers, and other blue-collar laborers in the city’s Culinary Workers Union, Hill said:

“Some people think Trump is entertaining, but it is not entertaining to insult immigrants and women. If you are going to run for president, then represent all of the people of the United States. I wanted to come by to lend my voice to all yours and I wish you well in these efforts.”

Yes, ma’am!!!

Video: Hillary Does A Great Trump Impression!

Obviously, Hillary has had her fun pretending to be The Donald on Saturday Night Live, and we all know that the controversial Reality TV star has given all of us a lot of material

But when the time comes to, you know, actually govern and help the American people, she knows exactly where to place the real estate mogul — at the bottom of the barrel.

Now, if only GOP voters would see and do the same thing, right?!

[Image via Johnny Louis/TNYF/WENN.]

Oct 13, 2015 10:02am PDT

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