Quentin Tarantino Calls Himself A ‘Supervillain’ In Response To His Movies’ Racial Backlash!

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Tarantino unchained.

Quentin Tarantino has come under quite a bit of fire for his movies in the past, but most recently for the constant use of the N-word in Django Unchained.

But not to stop there, right after the film’s premiere he found another himself wrapped up in another controversy when people weren’t too happy that he attempted to talk censorship at the Golden Globes and dropped the word again.

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Well, now he’s speaking out about the backlash he received from critics and the media in regards to Django, saying:

“If you sift through the criticism, you’ll see it’s pretty evenly divided between pros and cons. But when the black critics came out with savage think pieces about ├óΓé¼╦£Django,’ I couldn’t have cared less.”

Though the Hateful Eight director was able to ignore most of the comments, he was still surprised by how much negativity he received, saying:

“In a lot of the more ugly pieces my motives were really brought to bear in the most negative way. It’s like I’m some supervillain coming up with this stuff.”

He went on to point out:

“If people don’t like my movies, they don’t like my movies, and if they don’t get it, it doesn’t matter. The bad taste that was left in my mouth had to do with this: It’s been a long time since the subject of a writer’s skin was mentioned as often as mine. You wouldn’t think the color of a writer’s skin should have any effect on the words themselves.”

Though we don’t agree with the director’s heavy-handed use of the word at all, we do see his point about censorship in art.

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In true Tarantino fashion, the director also said that he won’t be shying away from controversial subject matter in his future work, saying:

“This is the best time to push buttons. This is the best time to get out there because there actually is a genuine platform. Now it’s being talked about.”

What do U think?

Does Quentin have a point about depicting art, or is it best to just sweep social issues under the rug??

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Oct 13, 2015 1:16pm PDT

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