Owner Of Brothel Where Lamar Odom Was Found Said He ‘Took 8 to 10 Pills’ & ‘Seemed A Little Sad’ After ‘Phone Call On Sunday’ — Details HERE

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This is incredibly sad.

The last we knew about Lamar Odom‘s condition, he was still in a coma and his heart was apparently failing. He was also having problems with his kidneys and lungs as Khloe Kardashian waits by his side.

During this time we’ve learned a bit more information regarding his stay at the Love Ranch — the brothel in Pahrump, Nevada where the former NBA player was found unconscious.

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Dennis Hof, the owner of the ranch has come forward with some details about Odom’s stay saying:

“Lamar arrived Saturday night. We picked him up at his place in Las Vegas. Brought him out there. Great mood. Ready to have a good time. He just wanted a little peace and quiet and get away from the pressures of his life.”

Hof revealed that there was a hiccup during Odom’s stay by sharing:

“He did get a phone call on Sunday that upset him a little bit, but I don’t know what that was about. But after that he regrouped, and he was eating good. Sleeping good and just having a good time.”

Hmm, very inneresting.

He said of Sunday that:

“We don’t know why he seemed a little sad, but he had been in good health and high spirits, laughing and giggling.”

Dennis went on to retell the story of his female employees who found him and claims they immediately alerted management who contacted emergency officials. After this, the 35-year-old was taken to Desert View Hospital in Pahrump and then transported to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

He said:

“We called 911, my staff did. They said ‘roll him on his left side’ and he started throwing up a lot but he was breathing. Then the ambulance and the police came and took him to the [hospital]. They said he was in bad shape and they thought he might not make it.”

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Hof talked a little bit about drugs that Odom could have taken by revealing:

“The police looked through his things and they didn’t tell us they found anything. The girls that were hanging out with him didn’t see any use of any illegal drugs at all.”

But he did note that he heard Odom was taking herbal Viagra supplements in large quantities:

“We heard, from my people, like 8 or 10 pills. I’ve seen guys take one pill and have a real good time so it sounds like a lot to me.”

We still can’t believe this happened and our hearts are with Lamar and his loved ones during this extremely difficult time.

[Image via Rachel Worth/WENN.]

Oct 14, 2015 7:35am PDT

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