Mike Huckabee Is Not Apologizing For THIS Insanely Racist Tweet During The Democratic Debate!

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Think before you tweet, people!

Last night was the first Democratic Presidential debate, something we were highly anticipating after Donald Trump made it very clear he was going to live tweet the event!

We thought we would get some ridiculous and HIGHlarious quotes from Trump, but instead his controversial thunder was stolen by Mike Huckabee!

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During the debate, the 44th Governor of Arkansas took to Twitter to make a joke about candidate Bernie Sanders — but he ended up offending more than just Democrats!

He tweeted:


It’s one thing for a pundit to make a jab at a fellow politician, but what’s with the racism??

Huckabee surprisingly pulled a Trump and stood by the tweet, even posting it a second time with a note above it stating:

Perhaps Mike doesn’t understand that people weren’t offended about the comparison of Bernie Sanders to a North Korean dictatorship but by his bringing up the extremely offensive stereotype of Asians eating dogs.

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Does he seriously think it’s OK to be racist if you mention a country with whom we’re not on good terms??

Many angry tweeters took the opportunity to remind Mike that his son David was actually accused of hanging a stray dog at a Boy Scout camp as a teen.

So, maybe the next time he wants to make a “joke” about dead dogs, he should keep it in the family.

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Oct 14, 2015 10:45am PDT

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