Scream Queens Gives One KILLER Reveal — And Teases THREE More Deaths In The Next Episode! Find Out Who’s Red & Who Might Be Dead HERE!

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Scream Queens continued to slay us with shocks, scares, and “high-fiving” in Tuesday night’s episode — along with one HUGE reveal of yet another character in #cahoots with the Red Devil!

Chanel-O-Ween continued with plenty of twists and laughs, including one HIGHlarious pep talk from Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) in the Kappa living room about the importance of Halloween, a.k.a. “The Sluttiest Night Of The Year”!

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But on to the shocking (was it, though?) reveal — the character working for the Red Devil is none other than… [SPOILER ALERT]

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Gigi, AKA Nasim Pedrad!

In the episode, the Kappa den mother came face to face with the killer, telling whoever was in the Devil suit:

“That got way out of hand. He’s putting everything we worked for in jeopardy.”

Hmmm├óΓé¼┬ª it sounds like Gigi is just working for the killer and not doing any of the bloody work herself — at least for now!

As for what lies ahead, THREE more characters are expected to die in the final Chanel-O-Ween episode — one female and two males!

And the Kappas will finally cast their votes for the next KKT president, and who wins will shock everyone! (We’d totally vote for the Candle Vlogger!)

Also, two Kappas are expected to lock lips in next week’s episode! Find out which ones when Scream Queens airs Tuesday at 9pm EST on FOX!

[Image via FOX.]

Oct 14, 2015 11:59am PDT

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