Owner Of Brothel Where Lamar Odom Was Found Tells Kardashian Publicist To ‘Go To Hell’ After Allegedly Being Asked To Keep Quiet

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We don’t know that we agree with this!

Lamar Odom‘s tragic incident at the Love Ranch South brothel in Nevada has been quite devastating.

Khloe Kardashian and the rest of her family have dropped everything to be at Lamar’s side while he’s being treated at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

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After the news broke, it didn’t take long for Dennis Hof, the owner of the brothel where the former NBA star was found, to dish on his side of the story.

As much as people want to hear the details to understand how this tragedy happened, Hof may have not been the nicest or most respectful when it came to telling his story.

Hof told Nancy Grace in an interview that before he went on her show, the Kardashians’ publicist reached out to ask him to please let Khloe handle the media. He retold the story to Nancy saying:

“Speaking of the Kardashians, I got a call from their publicist today saying, ‘Are you going to do any media?’ and I said ‘yes I’m going to go on the Nancy Grace show.’ And she said ‘please don’t do that, we’d rather have Khloe say what needs to be said.’ I told her to ‘go to hell.'”

We get Hof wanting to tell his side of the story and he has every right to since his business was involved.

However, he doesn’t come across as the nicest or most compassionate person by telling their publicist to “go to hell” after nicely being asked to let Khloe — who’s actually still married to Lamar — handle this delicate matter.

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But the brothel owner made it clear he doesn’t care about Khloe’s feelings no the matter. He told the NY Daily News:

“If she really cared about this man, he wouldn’t be at my place with my girls.”

Harsh words. In fact, in that interview he made it sound like it wasn’t the publicist he told to “go to hell” at all:

“I told her to pass on a message: Go to hell.”

That sounds like it’s aimed directly at Khloe!

Check out all of Hof’s revealing talk with Nancy Grace (below):

What do you think? Was Dennis being insensitive to a family who’s currently emotionally vulnerable, or was he just reacting to being silenced?

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

Oct 15, 2015 10:10am PST

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