Reports: Lamar Odom Shows ‘Slight Improvement’ With Movement, But Doctors Fear He’s Worsening

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UPDATE 1:14 PM EST: A recent report reveals that Lamar’s condition has deteriorated and that his organs continue to fail. Doctors have allegedly told family members that if the athlete doesn’t improve soon, his chances of survival are slim. A source explained: “The doctors are concerned it has been too long that he’s been in this condition and now it’s not looking good.” We’ll keep you updated as we receive more information.

Following an earlier report that Lamar Odom still remains in “critical condition”, we’ve now learned that there still might be hope for the athlete.

According to insiders, at one point Lamar “flutter opened his eyes” and allegedly “squeezed” Kim Kardashian West‘s hand.

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Wow. These reported improvements are a BIG deal considering the NBA star is experiencing kidney failure and other life-threatening setbacks.

Like Kris Jenner said in an earlier Instagram post, however, L.O. is a “fighter” and everyone is wishing for the best possible outcome.

We’ll keep you updated as we receive more information on the father of two’s condition.

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Oct 15, 2015 1:04pm PST

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