Did Marvel Just Get The Rights Back To Fantastic Four?? Get The Deets On The Deal HERE!

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OMG, this could be a total game changer!

According to a new report, Marvel has finally made a deal with FOX over the film rights to Fantastic Four!

You know what that means — Avengers crossover! The Cinematic Universe just keeps getting bigger and better!

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Sources tell Den Of Geek that Marvel’s recently announced deal with FOX to make X-Men TV shows — starting with the spinoffs Hellfire and Legion — are part of a larger deal that will give Marvel control of its First Family!

Not only that, but Marvel would also have the rights to all FF-related characters, meaning Galactus, Namor, Silver Surfer, and more!

Marvel mentioned that they’d added three more movies to their Phase 3 lineup — could one of them be a reboot of the Fantastic Four?

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The franchise has not gotten a lot of love over the past few months. After the dark reboot bombed commercially and critically — getting even worse reviews than the maligned Jessica Alba versions from a decade ago — many said an FF movie couldn’t work at all!

But when the studio that turned a raccoon and a tree into 2014’s breakout movie stars gets their hands on it, we’re thinking they can make it work!

Are YOU excited for Marvel to take a swing at their own superheroes?

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Oct 15, 2015 12:05pm PDT

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