People Mistook A Murdered Woman’s Hanging Body For A Halloween Decoration! Is A Serial Killer Is On The Loose In This Small Town??

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This is something straight out of a horror movie!

A murdered woman was found dangling from a chain-link fence in Chillicothe, Ohio on Tuesday, but neighbors walked by like there was nothing wrong — because they thought the body was a Halloween decoration!

Police say Rebecca Cade was severely beaten and climbed the fence in an attempt to escape her assailant when her sleeve got tangled in the barb wire.

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According to authorities, the 31-year-old was beaten with a grapefruit-sized rock in a field, and managed to make it 150 yards to the fence.

Detective Bud Lytle says that Cade’s cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head and neck, as a blood-covered rock was found at the scene. He revealed of her death:

“She ended up passing away dangling from the fence.”

Town residents initially ignored the macabrely dangling victim, brushing it off as a mere Halloween prank! The detective added:

“There were some neighbors taking their kids to school. They thought it was a Halloween decoration.”

This horrific murder comes in the wake of a string of suspicious deaths and disappearances of six local women. Four of the vanished women were found dead over the past year, raising suspicions that a serial killer could be targeting the small midwestern town!

However, police say that Cade’s murder is unrelated to the suspicious deaths. The main suspect is Donnie Cochenour, who police believe got into an altercation with the victim before he beat her with a rock.

But Lytle says they are lacking a clear motive, detailing:

“We do not know the extent of the relationship. They were at least acquaintances.”

Wow, this is crazy! Do YOU think police are just not trying to keep everyone calm, or is this murder really unrelated to the others?

[Image via WCPO/Chillicothe Police Department.]

Oct 16, 2015 4:29pm PDT

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