The View‘s Former Senior Producer Sues ‘Bully’ Rosie O’Donnell For Getting Her Fired — And Claims She Feared For Her Safety!

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She just can’t catch a break, can she?

Rosie O’Donnell has already had to deal with her daughter running away, her estranged wife attempting suicide, and exiting her very lucrative job so far this year, but now she’s got yet another scandal on her hands.

After Chelsea O’Donnell‘s claims that her mother left The View because of her feud with Whoopi Goldberg, a former Senior Producer of the ABC daytime talk show is now going public — and suing Rosie for getting her fired.

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Apparently, back in 2014 when the 53-year-old had just returned to the panel, Jennifer Shepard-Bookman gave Whoopi the lead assignment on the tragic beheading of journalist James Foley after Rosie was originally placed on the story.

In her lawsuit filed Tuesday, Jennifer claims Rosie was so pissed off over being passed over for the topic, she became a ‘bully’ and got the execs to give the Producer the boot.

Jennifer is now claiming that in addition to getting her axed, she was also fearful for her safety and thought she was going to get assaulted while on set.

This doesn’t quite sound like the Rosie we know from TV… but Chelsea’s big reveal did say that her mom had a fake a public persona, so who knows?

What do U think about the latest update in the never-ending Rosie O’Donnell saga??

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Oct 16, 2015 11:04am PST

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