Did Iggy Azalea Just Drop The Worst Rap Verse Of The Year?! Here’s One Reaction To Her Appearance On Demi Lovato’s Kingdom Come!

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This is BRUTAL!

SPIN Magazine called out Iggy Azalea for her verse in Demi Lovato‘s Kingdom Come, that was released earlier this week on Spotify — and the mag does NOT have anything good to say about Iggy’s rap skils!

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Reviewing the song as a whole, critic Brennan Carley takes special note of Azalea’s guest appearance, and he doesn’t hold back in calling the Australian rapper out for a bad verse:

“There are structural, rhythmic, and simple AABB rhyme scheme problems with Azalea’s verse from the start: ‘And that be me, I got a king in my cavalry / Them other knights, say goodnight, they get apathy,’ she drawls in her regularly critiqued, heavily (fake) accented vocals, shooting from half-court trying to link “cavalry” and “apathy” and coming up an acre short. That same issue happens later too (‘Is that trouble like Mary Kate and Ashley? / Incredible, I’m ready if you ask me’).”


But wait… it gets worse:

“Beyond the paltry lyrics, Azalea’s cadence and flow are so completely muddled here that it’s easy to make the argument that the verse was recorded so quickly and haphazardly that nobody thought, “Hey, this could use a Take Two.” She stumbles on her words, stringing syllables together in a marvelous flameout of mush-mouth, measure after measure.

Sure, it’s hard to call this the worst verse of the year ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ SPIN simply hasn’t heard every single rap verse recorded and/or released in 2015 ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ but of those we’ve come across, and those we’ve listened to with open ears, Iggy Azalea’s rap on Kingdom Come is just the absolute worst.”

WOW!!! Bad is bad, if that’s your opinion, but the worst verse of the year?! That’s really going in on Iggy.

He did not hold back at ALL on Azalea’s part in Lovato’s new track.

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What do U think — have U heard Kingdom Come?? Did Iggy Azalea just drop the worst rap verse of the year?!

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Oct 17, 2015 1:01pm PDT

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