Lamar Odom Continues His ‘Miraculous Recovery,’ But He Still Has Hurdles To Overcome As His Condition Improves

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This is amazing — but there is still work to be done!

Lamar Odom has apparently had a very unlikely and miraculous recovery over the past several days, and although he remains on dialysis because of kidney failure, doctors say he is “neurologically intact,” which is very good news.

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According to reports from the hospital, doctors are still waiting to figure out if Khloe Kardashian‘s ex has sustained significant brain damage, which is a concern considering his coma and general condition following his apparent drug overdose at a Nevada brothel on Tuesday.

It appears Odom suffered an ischemic stroke, which occurs when a blood clot prevents blood flow to the brain — and that kind of stroke is most typically associated with overdose patients, including those who have consumed cocaine. Accordingly, a source has revealed that “virtually every drug imaginable” has been found in Odom’s system — scary!

The good news, though, is the source also evealed that Odom is “100% breathing,” and no longer using a ventilator! Doctors will slowly attempt to wean Odom off the non-rebreather oxygen mask he is using from this point forward, hoping his body is strong enough to sustain its own breath, though if he weakens again they will place him back on the ventilator.

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Most importantly, though, doctors must now figure out how much — if any — brain damage Odom has suffered the past several days, and what the next steps are in his still very critical care.

Here’s hoping his miraculous recovery continues!

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Oct 17, 2015 1:41pm PDT

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