11-Year-Old Girl Missing For Over A Year Found Stuffed Inside Mother’s Freezer

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This is truly vile.

An 11-year-old girl has been found dead after having been missing for over a year.

Child Protective Services were conducting a routine checkup at Keishanna Thomas‘ home in Florida over the weekend when they noticed that only four of the woman’s five children were accounted for.

After the single mom refused to cooperate, Police took to social media to see if anyone in the neighborhood had any tips on missing Janiya Thomas — but that’s when they discovered that the preteen hadn’t actually been seen since August 2014!

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The story only got worse on Sunday when the girl’s aunt and grandmother grew suspicious of the news and decided to open a locked freezer that the mother-of-five had left in their possession sometime earlier — only to find the missing child stuffed inside.

Janiya reportedly suffered from intestinal issues — the same complications that ultimately killed her father — so it’s currently unclear if she was murdered or simply died from her condition.

Regardless, Keishanna failed to ever report her daughter’s disappearance and proceeded to hide the body with her relatives… so we think the available evidence is pretty damning.

Rest in peace, Janiya.

[Image via Bradenton Police Department.]

Oct 19, 2015 5:25pm PDT

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