The Walking Dead Gang Meets Their Deadliest Enemy Yet As The Wolves Finally Attack! SPOILERS!

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We’ll just say [SPOILERS] right here, shall we?

There is no respite on The Walking Dead, so no surprise that as early as episode 2 of season 6, the war has begun.

The Alexandrians were forced to turn their plowshares back into swords on Sunday night as the Wolves finally came to the door.

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We’re not mixing metaphors there, the gang of marauders really do call themselves “The Wolves,” complete with little W’s on their foreshadowed foreheads.

And they mean bloody business, as they attacked Alexandria by crashing a truck into the wall, throwing Molotov cocktails, and wielding machetes.

They seem to be the TV version of the comic book’s gang called The Saviors, whose leader Negan is probably the most destructive force in the entire saga. Think of him as The Governor 2.0.

Luckily this was just a first furtive assault, and Carol and Morgan were able to fend it off in badass fashion.

Morgan (Lennie James) tried his best to keep his vow not to kill as he laid the smack down with his bo staff.

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We’re not sure he succeeded, as at least one of those blows looked fatal…

But anyone he spared didn’t get the same consideration from Carol (Melissa McBride). She put on her hardcore hat — well, actually a hood — and camouflaged herself as one of the Wolves, using the element of surprise to rack up a hefty body count!

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She was a sheep in wolf’s clothing, get it?

By the end of the skirmish, Enid disappeared, leaving Carl a note that said Just Survive Somehow. Morgan also seemed to leave Alexandria — possibly for somewhere he could do less fighting.

As for those who didn’t survive the onslaught, R.I.P. Richard, Erin, and Shelley. Poor, sweet, shouldn’t-have-been-smoking Shelley.

No major character deaths, but it’s still early in the season — and the war.

[Image via AMC.]

Oct 19, 2015 10:58am PST

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