Canada’s New Prime Minister Is HOT, Don’t You Think?! Cast Your Vote HERE!

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Babe alert!

Justin Trudeau unexpectedly won the election as Canada’s new Prime Minister on Monday night, defeating incumbent Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, as well as the more moderate New Democratic Party!

It was a major upset victory for Trudeau’s Liberal Party — and the liberals of Canada!

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Yay! That’s all fine and good but why don’t we get to the really important stuff… like, is he hot?? LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out some more pics of Trudeau (below) and decide for yourself by casting your vote in our ballot (below):

Looks pretty good to us! But is he good with kids?

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Why yes, yes he is:

Does he champion causes we care about?!

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So what about with the common man, can Trudeau still look good while watching hockey at the bar?

Looks like he nailed it there!

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What about the eyes — does he have beautiful, piercing eyes??

AH-mazing!! Anything else?

OMG!!! He speaks fluent French, just like Bradley Cooper!

OK, Canadians are pretty much legally obligated to be bilingual but it’s still hot!

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Well, that seals it for us — you can guess OUR vote on whether he’s hot, but what about U?! What do U think??


[Image via AP Images and Dominic Chan/WENN.]

Oct 20, 2015 6:23pm PDT

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