Tamra Barney’s Ex-Husband Slams The Reality Star As A ‘Lying Narcissist’ Following Her Ugly Custody Battle Claims On The RHOC Reunion!

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Simon Barney is not having any of Tamra Barney’s Real Housewives of Orange County reunion comments!

Following Tamra’s slanderous remarks about the pair’s custody battle over their 17-year-old daughter, Sidney, the car salesman took to Facebook to give his opinion on the matter.

Despite the fact that the two have been divorced since 2010, the bitterness is definitely still there — check out Barney’s post (below)!

Wow, we don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out who the Orange County resident is referring to in his post!

The mother of four, however, took to Twitter to further her express her sadness over the fact that Sid chose to live with Simon over her. Take a look at the distraught tweet (below)!

Well, it’s clear that the reality star blames Simon for her strained relationship with Sidney. On the other hand, the father of three obviously thinks Tam is the problem.

So, whose side are YOU on?

[Image via Facebook/Instagram.]

Oct 20, 2015 7:03pm PDT

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