Brown University’s School Paper Apologizes To Malia Obama For The Student Body’s Poor Behavior On Social Media During Her College Visit

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At least Brown University is saying sorry!

Last week, Malia Obama visited the prestigious Brown University, one of the many top colleges on her application list.

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While touring is often a private and special experience for prospective students, this was NOT the case for Malia.

Shortly after the 17-year-old’s trip, photos of her enjoying a college party surfaced on the internet. Not to mention many Brown students lived blogged her every move on campus, a fact that was very embarrassing to the more respectful pupils at the university.

In an essay published in The Brown Daily Herald, a few editors apologized for student body’s behavior during Obama’s trip, citing an article which described the students as having “no chill”.

The authors complained:

“It is a shame that Malia was unable to visit Brown and enjoy herself at a party without several news headlines coming out about it the next day. While it is understandable that so many students were excited about her visit, it is likely that few of us would enjoy having strangers take pictures of us while we were unaware and post them on the Internet.”

Good point! We imagine the whole situation was very humiliating for the high schooler. As the essay went on to argue, Malia “did not choose to grow up in the White House”!

Hopefully M.O. won’t let this experience deter her from enjoying college visits in the future… this should be an exciting time for the first daughter!

P.S. You can read the full editorial piece HERE.

[Image via Brown University/WENN.]

Oct 21, 2015 1:20pm PDT

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