Kim Kardashian Reveals 35 Things She’s Learned Before Turning 35 & Some Of Them Are, Well, Exactly What You’d Expect Her To Say

So wise, Kim.

In honor of her birthday on Wednesday, Kim Kardashian West decided to share with the world paying followers some nuggets of information she’s picked up over the years.

Since she just turned 35, the expecting momma thought it was only appropriate to post the top 35 things she’s learned on her website.

A lot of them are standard words of wisdom, like “family first,” or “dream big.” You know, the typical mantras.

Photo: Kim & Kanye Had A Busy Day & A Dinner Date!

But spaced between the inspirational messages are certain responses that you’d entirely expect from the reality star, namely the ones in which she offers up appearance advice or stresses the importance of taking photos.

For example, did you think the center-part was a hairstyle that literally no one could ever pull off? Well, according to Kimmy Kakes, you thought wrong. She says:

“A perfectly centered part takes time, but it’s worth it.”

BOOM. Mind blown.

Did you ever wonder how Kanye West‘s wife seems to look picture-perfect in every photo? Well, that’s something she’s picked up while walking down this crazy path called life, adding:

“My angles. Know your angles.”

Noted! Nothing a little practice in the mirror can’t fix!

Do you often find yourself stressed out by the overwhelming number of nail polish shades? Does it take you literally forever to decide what color to paint them?

Never fear! Kim’s got your back:

“You can’t go wrong with a nude nail.”

And because this is Kim Kardashian we’re talking about, she just had to share the best selfie secret she’s learned in her 35 years. She is the queen, after all!

Sooooo. What is the best trick of the trade? Location, location, location:

“Airplane bathrooms have great lighting for selfies.”

Dying to know what other things Kim has absorbed during her time on this planet? Take a look at the full list HERE!

[Image via Kim Kardashian West/Instagram.]

Oct 21, 2015 2:09pm PDT

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