YouTube Going Subscription Like Netflix? Find Out How It Could Start Costing You $9.99 A Month!

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This is definitely a game changer.

YouTube announced on Wednesday that the site is about to implement a premium subscription service in the same vein as Netflix.

Starting On October 28, a $9.99/month YouTube Red subscription will get you unlimited, ad-free access to the site’s most popular original content producers.

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Channels like Maker Studios and Fine Brothers Entertainment will be getting the money-making remodeling, while other Google enterprises like Google Play and even some games will be part of the package as well.

But don’t worry, regular ‘ol free YouTube isn’t going anywhere — so if $10 is a bit much for you, you won’t have to change anything at all!

Though there WILL be exclusive content you can’t get without a subscription!

Now let’s get back to the name for a second: YouTube Red seems like an interesting choice… seeing as it’s not very dissimilar to an already established pornography website. Or so we hear.

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Still, if Google thinks there are enough Tweenagers who will be willing to fork over their allowances to get unlimited access to their fave vlogs, we’re inclined to think they’re probably right.

Would U pay roughly $10 a month to watch a more premium YouTube??

[Image via YouTube/Instagram.]

Oct 21, 2015 5:31pm PST

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