Boyfriend Of Reporter Shot On Live TV Gives Her Taylor Swift Tickets To A Child Abuse Survivor She Interviewed

So sad and inspiring.

This is so heartbreaking and touching at the same time.

In August, WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward were tragically gunned down on live television, allegedly by a disgruntled former employee.

Following this devastating loss, the 24-year-old’s boyfriend, station anchor Chris Hurst, still had a pair of tickets to Taylor Swift‘s Wednesday night 1989 Tour stop in Greensboro, North Carolina.

He had gotten the blonde beauty for their six-month anniversary. He remembered she was often mistaken for the pop princess when they were out together, saying:

“She got stopped often when out shopping from people saying she looked like Taylor; she had that red lip, classic thing that I loved.”

After Alison’s death, Chris admitted he wasn’t sure if he should see the show alone, or invite one of her loved ones. But then he remembered a very special someone his lovely lady had met through work.

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The late journalist had bonded with a young child neglect victim she interviewed for a station special called Childhood Lost. She called the girl Hope, instead of her real name, in order to protect her identity.

Chris decided to give the tickets to the survivor and her adoptive mother. On Thursday, he revealed that the two had a wonderful time at the concert, explaining:

“Behind the scenes, the wonderful people at K92 radio and Republic Records, Swift’s label, worked for weeks to secure a meet and greet with her for Hope and her mother! I was texting with Hope’s new mother throughout the night and she said the concert was awe-inspiring, just like Alison was.”

He even took to Twitter to share a sweet snap of Hope and Taylor together. Take a look (below):

The anchor said that, by donating the passes to the little girl and her new mom, he was honoring his girlfriend’s memory, adding:

“Many of you have complimented me during this time, calling me strong and brave. But Hope lived for many years in deplorable conditions. She was neglected by her parents, forced to steal ketchup packets at school for a snack. That’s strength and bravery. Alison was deeply touched by learning Hope’s story and vowed to honor her with more reporting on child abuse and neglect. All I have done is simply vow to honor Alison with trying to create as much joy as I can through the trauma and chaos.”

We think what Chris did was selfless and incredible. Our hearts are with him and everyone else affected by Alison’s untimely passing.

[Image via Chris Hurst/Twitter.]

Oct 22, 2015 7:59pm PST

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