Did Drake Rip Off THIS Famous Artist In His Hotline Bling Music Video? See What The Director Had To Say!

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Drake can’t catch a break!

On Monday, the Canadian rapper dropped the music video for his hit Hotline Bling.

While most of the attention centered around his sensual dance moves, a few of Drizzy’s fans pointed out that some of the visuals looked a little familiar!

According to critics, the soft glowing neon gradients featured in the video’s backdrop closely resemble light installations of famous Light and Movement artist James Turrell!

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Art enthusiasts immediately noticed the similarities between the set and the 72-year-old’s works, especially since the Champagne Papi paid a visit to the artist’s LACMA installation two years ago…

LACMAA photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Jan 30, 2014 at 10:02pm PST

Drake even admitted to being influenced by Turrell’s visuals in a 2014 interview, where he said:

“I f**k with Turrell. He was a big influence on the visuals for my last tour.”

However, Director X, the filmmaker behind the video, says that the visuals in Hotline Bling are from a style of his own, explaining:

“I do understand why people would say that’s Turrell’s thing but this is my style best of all. I’m definitely familiar with the man’s work, he’s a genius. But if you look back at what I do, this is my style.”

The director even draws a comparison to a similarly lit set from Sean Paul‘s I’m Still In Love With You video — which X helmed back in 2010.

Do YOU think Drake’s video is too derivative of Turrell’s work?

Oct 22, 2015 5:21pm PST

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