New Police Files Reveal More Cocaine & Drug Allegations Against Lamar Odom During His Time At Brothel

Workers supposedly heard him snorting.

New information suggests Lamar Odom was snorting cocaine before he was found unconscious at Love Ranch last week.

According to police paperwork, authorities interviewed the employees who had been with the 35-year-old during his stay at the legal Nevada brothel.

The file reveals:

“He possibly ingested cocaine in the bathroom adjoining in the bedroom. They indicated that they heard him snorting.”

We’re not sure at what point during the sports star’s visit they heard the alleged snorting sounds.

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But, according to the recently released 9-1-1 recordings, the basketball player had supposedly done cocaine a few days before he was discovered unresponsive. However, the callers claimed they weren’t aware that he had used the narcotic since.

Yet, sources at the hospital did say the ailing athlete had the drug in his system.

Police had served a search warrant for the NBA forward’s blood because he had showed signs of an overdose. We won’t know for sure if the famous father had been using until his test results come back.

Authorities also interviewed the personal assistant for Khlo├â┬⌐ Kardashian‘s husband, who confessed that he knew his boss did drugs, and had actually seen him under the influence in the past.

While Lamar seems to be on the mend, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office has said that they might prosecute him if his blood tests positive for cocaine.

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Oct 22, 2015 2:47pm PST

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