Liam Payne’s Mystery Illness Was Reportedly Caused By…FAME?! Get The Scoop!

liam payne sick from fame

Has fame made Liam Payne sick?!

Well, according to recent reports, stress from being on the road is what caused the One Direction member to have a meltdown and cancel the group’s concert in Belfast, Ireland on Tuesday.

Oh no!

A source shared:

“The pressures of fame and being on the road for two years have made Liam ill. He was devastated about letting everyone down, especially the fans, but he wasn’t physically able to get on stage. He had a complete meltdown.”

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That’s so sad! Now, we wouldn’t be entirely shocked if this source is correct since the 1D boys announced earlier this summer that they would be taking some time off next year.

Unfortunately, it’s since been speculated that the British cuties may not even return after their 2016 hiatus. Whomp, whomp.

The source continued:

“Liam’s stress has been brewing for quite a while and it hasn’t helped that his future is uncertain with the break coming up. But the guys have rallied around Liam and are desperate to make sure he is OK.”

Well that’s good to hear!

Though, we do have some doubts surrounding this story since Niall Horan called off an interview before the cancelled performance due to allegedly falling ill as well. Hmm, perhaps these guys just had a bad case of food poisoning??

Anyways, the X Factor alum has since apologized to his fans for disappointing them and revealed that he’s on the mend and ready to get back to work after recovering from his “mystery” illness.

We wish nothing but the best for all the members of the popular boy band.

What do U think Directioners?? Is fame REALLY overwhelming Liam?!

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Oct 22, 2015 7:01am PDT

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