Prince Harry Shows The World His Serious Side As He Attends A Somber Service For Former Soldiers

prince harry attends veterans service

Talk about the total package!

On Thursday, Prince Harry showed the world his serious side as he attended a special service for the the 75th anniversary of the bomb disposal unit in the British Army at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

This isn’t the ginger royal’s first appearance to honor those wounded in action as he recently participated in the Walking With the Wounded‘s Walk of Britain.

However, this most recent event was a bit more formal. Following the service, Prince William‘s bro met with the family of one serviceman, named Corporal Jamie Kirkpatrick, who was fatally shot in the line of duty.

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The Corporal’s father shared with the congregation:

“We recall many family celebrations and events that would, under normal circumstances, be a source of happiness, but which are now inevitably a source of sadness too. Public empathy in general is comforting, but inevitably will diminish over time, save for brief episodes of remembrance each November. We remain reliant on each other, plus close family and friends for support.”

Tissues, anyone?!

The Kirkpatrick family weren’t the only ones Prince George‘s uncle met with as he also chatted with two veterans, Clive Smith and Jack Cummings, who lost their legs in bomb explosions in Afghanistan. In fact, the two vets previously knew Harry from his extensive work with wounded soldiers.

Not mention, Smith intends to participate in the Prince’s Invictus Games in Florida next year and even discussed his rehabilitation with Kate Middleton‘s brother-in-law.

In regards to the service, he noted:

“It was quite emotional. It brought back memories from times I’d rather forget but it was a very good service.”

Intense stuff. It looks like Harry’s found a charity he’s really passionate about. AH-Mazing!

Sometimes we forget that the reformed bad boy has served in the armed forces for 10 years and has even done two tours in the Middle East. Whoa!

Still, we think Princess Diana would be quite proud of her son if she was alive today!

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Oct 22, 2015 4:33pm PDT

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