Conspiracy Theorists Gather Round — The Internet Thinks Demi Lovato Has A Twin Sister Named Poot Who Was Locked In A Basement Her Entire Life!

Introducing Poot Lovato!

Well, as far as social media conspiracy theories go, this is one of the funnier ones.

A recent internet revolution was sparked after one Tumblr user — cstcrpt — shared a snap of Demi Lovato that left the singer semi-unrecognizable!

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The pic, supposedly taken at a meet-and-greet event, has all sorts of photo faux pas like bad lighting and an unfortunate angle.

But this individual, who has since deleted their profile, ignited all sorts of questions — and laughs — after captioning the shot:

“Demi’s twin sister. She was locked in a basement her whole life. This picture was taken the first time she went outside. Her name is Poot.”

Take a look at a screenshot of the original post (below)!

Introducing Poot Lovato!

Naturally, the HIGHlarity wouldn’t stop there. Someone even created a Twitter account for the singer’s secret sis. Take a look (below)!

In fact, the profile is riddled with posts bashing the starlet — the way any bitter, neglected, basement-dwelling sibling would — and even some fake Snapchats that show the pop princess bullying her twin.

And that’s not all, because the internet knows no bounds. One person even created a Wikipedia page for the secluded sib:

Sadly, Perezcious readers, the entry has since been deleted from the site.

But never fear! There’s still plenty of memes!

Ch-ch-check them out (below)!

So are you #TeamPoot or #TeamDemi? SOUND OFF in the comments!

[Images via cstcrpt/Tumblr, Demi Lovato/Instagram.]

Oct 23, 2015 2:26pm PDT

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