HBO Officially Confirms Game Of Thrones Character’s Fate — Are You Ready To Find Out If He’s Dead Or Alive?!

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The season 5 finale of Game Of Thrones was filled with twists, turns, and vague death scenes that teased the fates of certain fan favorite characters!

While most fans were concerned with what happened to Kit Harington‘s character Jon Snow, a small portion of viewers questioned the fate of another lord commander!

HBO is about to release a new official book Game of Thrones: The Noble House of Westeros Seasons 1-5 — and it clearly states the fate of Stannis Baratheon!

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In the finale, we last saw Stannis [SPOILERS] injured after battle as he is about to be finished off by Brienne of Tarth.

He tells her “Go on, do your duty,” before Brienne swings her sword — but then the scene abruptly cut before any contact was made:

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This blatant omission of Stannis’s gory death was enough to send fans into a frenzy of doubt, especially after George R.R. Martin announced the character was still alive in his books!

According to the Baratheon section in the official book, Stannis’s bio paragraph concludes with:

“Stannis was killed outside of Winterfell by Brienne of Tarth, who wished to avenge Renly’s death.”

The confirmation was noted by Watchers on the Wall‘s editor-in-chief Sue the Fury, who posted on her Twitter:

To worsen the blow, Brienne’s paragraph ends with:

“Brienne killed Stannis.”

Okay, we get it! You don’t have to rub it in!

This isn’t the first time the premium cable network confirmed Stannis’s death. After the finale aired, the episode’s director David Nutter said the only reason they cut away from the gory beheading was because:

“It would have been gratuitous. You really got a sense that Stannis had nothing else to live for. Brienne’s lifelong mission had come to an end. It’s a situation in which Stannis was ready to die and prepared to die.”

And also because Martin was probably on the cutting room floor being all like, “Cut away early. That’ll f**k with them! Hehehe!”

Brush up on your favorite key houses by picking up Game of Thrones: The Noble Houses of Westeros Seasons 1├óΓé¼ΓÇ£5 when it hits stores December 8 — it will be a GREAT stocking stuffer for that special GoT fanatic in your life!

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Oct 23, 2015 1:46pm PDT

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