Jeb Bush Orders Pay Cuts For All Campaign Staffers — And Makes Some Work For Free! Is This The End For Jeb?!

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Well, it looks like the Jeb Bush campaign may be on its last legs!

Even though Bush had previously been able to raise money from rich donors, all of a sudden those donors are realizing they’d rather back a candidate who can win in 2016, and they are fleeing the former Florida Governor, leaving him with no money and quite a few staffers to pay.

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Jeb’s solution to this mess? Have his paid staffers work for free!

No, really. According to a report from Bloomberg Politics, that’s exactly what Bush is doing:

“The campaign is also cutting back 45 percent of its budget, except for dollars earmarked for TV advertising and spending for voter contacts, such as phone calls and mailers. Some senior-level staff and consultants will continue to work with the campaign on a volunteer basis, while other junior-level consultants, primarily in finance but including other areas, will be let go, the officials said.”


Nothing like having your paid staffers “volunteer” to work for free because you can’t raise any money since, well, nobody believes in you. That’s good ol’ GOP capitalism at work, right?! LOLz!!

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Jeb himself also added that his new campaign — which he calls “lean and mean” — will be more efficient than the last few months, while pointing out that Donald Trump taught him a lesson about campaigning:

“I have not met a person that thought that Donald Trump would be the front running candidate at this point. God bless him for his success in that regard, we’ll see how long that lasts. But you have to adapt. Every dollar we can save in overhead is a dollar that goes on television, goes on radio, goes on media, goes on voter outreach.”

Nevertheless, as bad as all this may look, one unnamed advisor to Bush is still thinking good thoughts:

“This is about winning the race. We’re doing it now and making the shifts with confidence. We expect to win.”

Uh-huh. Right.

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Things may not look good for Jeb right now, but he’s certainly smart enough and a nice enough person to all that he’ll be fine, right? Hahaha just kidding, he’s making for a terrible presidential candidate!!!

Jeb, take a tip from all of us: it might be time to throw in the towel.

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Oct 23, 2015 6:14pm PDT

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