Vin Diesel Wants You To Know He Can’t Be Stopped By ‘Dad Bod’ Comments — ‘I’ve Had The Best Body In New York City For Decades’

Vin Diesel

The dad bod conversation continues.

Just when we thought Vin Diesel shut down the body shamers after an image of him sporting a softer physique surfaced earlier this month, the 48-year-old is determined to prove himself once again.

While promoting his new flick Last Witch Hunter, the buff actor took the opportunity to remind us all that he’s got it going on, sharing:

“I have lots of kids, but you know, how do I feel about the invasion? That sneaky invasion of privacy feels weird. That’s not right. How do I feel about people being so focused on that? I’m okay because I’ve had the best body in New York City for decades.”

Yeah, you have!

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Although he doesn’t appreciate the cameras catching him off guard, the Fast & Furious star is trying to understand:

“It’s like, dad bod goes viral. Like really? I get it, you know? I mean, a) I don’t have to be in front of the camera for a couple months and b) I really am a dad.”

Makes sense to us!

The father of three isn’t ashamed of his poppa physique, as sometimes it comes in handy for certain roles:

“I play fat roles sometimes. Jackie DiNorscio [from 2006’s Find Me Guilty] was a character that was dealing with obesity in some ways and the whole fun of that character was to play fat Jack and play this man. So I would rather have the type of body that can comply to a certain role. For this film, the director didn’t believe that there were Gold’s Gyms in the 13th century and didn’t want me to work out.”

We don’t think the California native has anything to worry about, be he reassures us:

“I am going to be making films long after I grace the covers of Men’s Fitness.”

And we will continue to watch them!!

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Oct 23, 2015 10:09am PDT

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