Deposition Reportedly Reveals Bobbi Kristina Smoked Crack & Did Heroin ‘Often’ Before Her Death

So sad.

More details are being revealed about Bobbi Kristina after her tragic passing in July.

Bobby Brown‘s late daughter supposedly had a habit of using hard drugs in the time leading up to the fateful day she was found face-down and unconscious in her bathtub.

The aspiring singer’s friend, Danyela Bradley, had been deposed over the car crash in which she and the late Whitney Houston‘s daughter were involved.

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Now, the transcript has surfaced, showing that Bobbi’s former roommate claims the pop icon’s child partook in serious narcotics, saying:

“She smoked marijuana, she probably smoked crack often, and also did heroin.”

According to reported recordings of BK’s boyfriend Nick Gordon, he believes it was her drug use — and not him — that resulted in her unresponsive state.

Danyela explained in her legal interview that she had been living in the 22-year-old’s house, alongside Nick and their friend Max Lomas.

She alleged that, while she had only ever smoked marijuana with Bobbi — and had never actually heard her talk about or had seen her partake in the harder narcotics — her abuse was pretty apparent:

“I would just visually see her physical being and I could just tell.”

Danyela said her friend got sleepy or would “keep to herself” while on heroin, and just wouldn’t talk at all while under the influence of crack.

She also only had positive things to say about BK’s relationship with Nick, which goes against what the Brown family seems to believe.

We can’t imagine what Bobbi’s loved ones must be thinking in light of these claims. Our hearts are with everyone who was affected by this terrible loss.

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Oct 26, 2015 3:27pm PDT

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