Elementary School Teacher Dresses In Blackface For A Kanye West Halloween Costume! Details HERE

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It’s fun dressing up as your favorite celebs for Halloween — when the costume isn’t racist!

A fifth grade teacher from Alabama has found that out the hard way after he and his wife shared a photo of the two of them dressed as Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West — in a srsly tasteless way.

Chestnut Grove Elementary School teacher Heath Morrow apparently thought it would be appropriate to dress in blackface to complete his Yeezy costume!

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Shannon Morrow, who posed as Kim in the photo, shared the controversial image on her Facebook. She even commented, oblivious to the offense, saying:

“Haha some people thought Heath was really a black man.”

The snap featured her husband in blackface and the plastic louvered sunglasses popularized by the rapper. He was holding a sign that read “Kanye For Prez 2020,” referencing the 38-year-old’s presidential announcement at the 2015 VMAs.

On Sunday, the controversial photo blew up online and has — as you may expect — sparked a ton of media outrage.

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Many are even calling for the fifth grade teacher to lose his position over the offense.

According to local reports, Morrow has apologized, and the district is investigating the situation — but no word yet on his employment status with the school.

Do YOU think the teacher should be fired after this controversy?

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Oct 26, 2015 4:41pm PDT

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