RHOC‘s Shannon Beador Clarifies Her Altercation With Husband David Beador’s Mistress!

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Things just got Real!

As we reported, Real Housewives star Shannon Beador got into an altercation with her husband’s mistress — Nicole McMackin — at a USC football game over the weekend.

Well now, the RHOC star is ready to set the record straight!

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While the feng shui practicer acknowledges there indeed was an ‘altercation,’ many allegations that the media reported are simply not true.

In regards to claims she was screaming, the blonde beauty said :

“They said I was screaming at them during pre-game warmups├óΓé¼┬ª We got there after the game started so that isn’t true!”

She also denies ever laying a finger on McMackin.

“I never touched her.”

The Housewife explains:

“I was coming down the stairs after using the restroom and she was coming through the tunnel and we literally were inches apart├óΓé¼┬ª I very calmly said, ‘You have a lot of nerve being here Nicole.’ I thought, I always say nothing and I have to tell her I’ve had it and she needs to stop flaunting herself in front of me.”‘

That’s when the drama really got started!

“She responded and screamed in my face, ‘F— you!’ and pointed her finger at me. And then I got angry. I’m human. I got angry and screamed to the stands, ‘This is who my husband had an affair with!”‘

Beador claims this is the first time she has revealed Nicole’s identity to the media.

“I’ve protected her and her family. I’ve never divulged her name, which I could have. I’ve not divulged the demented details that I could have. I only discussed on the show the repair process to my marriage. I’ve done nothing but take the high road and maintain my integrity through all of this.”

Ultimately, her and David Beador just want to move forward.

“I want to forget it. I have forgotten it and I’ve forgiven. I’m moving forward and my husband and I are better today than when we got married. We’re closer.”

We only hope the couple have become stronger from this negative experience.

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Oct 26, 2015 10:14pm PST

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