Teresa Giudice’s Brother Has An Emotional Visit With Her In Prison & Joe Giudice Prepares For His 41-Month Sentence On The Teresa Checks In Finale!

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Prison sure puts things in perspective!

Time in prison can change a person, and apparently with only about two months left on Teresa Giudice‘s sentence, it sounds like she could come out a different person!

Last night marked the finale of the three-part special, Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In, and in the episode, Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, went to visit her for the first time.

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Gorga had a six-month waiting period before being approved to visit his sister, but wasn’t gushing about her sister as he revealed:

“I can’t really say I miss much about my sister right now. I miss the old Teresa, so I hope when she comes out, all this money and bulls— goes away and she realizes that, listen, ‘I don’t care about all, that’s nonsense. I care about family and that’s it.'”

But the reality star’s brother changed his tune a bit after the visit — which wasn’t filmed — as he spoke after seeing her saying:

“Nothing broke me, but this broke me. I’m helpless. I couldn’t help her. I sat there for the first hour, tearing [up], crying. She grabbed my hand, she said, ‘It’s okay, I’m okay.'”

He went on to say:

“When I saw Teresa and she broke down and held me, that’s how she used to be. For the past seven, eight years, [that] kind of got lost. But I believe prison, I guess it brought her back.”

One person who didn’t end up visiting though was Gorga’s wife, Melissa, as she wasn’t added to the list of approved visitors.

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The two families have a history of bad blood between them.

Even though Melissa kept stating how she wished she could visit her, she was also understanding about it all:

“Whatever the situation may be, I completely understand if Teresa really only wants to see her immediate family. It’s a very vulnerable situation, and I get it.”

Teresa’s husband later revealed:

“My wife doesn’t really care about seeing Melissa.”


Well maybe the reality star will change her mind after she gets out!

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But with the Real Housewife getting out, that means her husband has to prepare for serving his 41-month sentence.

Not only has Joe since learned to “do things the right way,” but he admitted:

“I didn’t know I was doing things wrong in the first place. Basically I committed some kind of fraud with mortgages, and I know now it wasn’t the right thing to do.”

Even though the man of the house is facing almost three times as long behind bars as Teresa, and even possibly facing deportation to Italy after his release, he said:

“I ain’t even really thinking about myself going to jail. When the time comes, you just go.”

This sure isn’t an easy time for the family, but as long as they’re there for each other, we think they’ll get through it!

What do you think? Will Teresa be a changed woman when she’s released from prison?

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Oct 26, 2015 8:36am PST

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