Bill Cosby Accuser Andrea Constand Files Lawsuit Against Former Prosecutor Over Defamation

prosecutor sued by cosby victim

Oh no!

On Monday, it was revealed that Andrea Constand filed a defamation lawsuit against the former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce L. Castor Jr. — who happened to be the prosecutor that decided to NOT press charges against Bill Cosby back in 2005.

In case you forgot, Miz Constand is the woman whose sexual assault and drugging accusation inspired more than 50 other women to come forward about their reportedly troubling experiences with the TV icon.

The 42-year-old’s lawyer, Dolores Troiani, shared that her client has decided to move forward with this legal matter as she feels that Castor made her collateral in forwarding his own political aspirations and has defamed her name in the press. Tragic.

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Miz Troiani noted:

“She’s devastated. It’s bad enough to go through this once but to have it happen to her twice?”

We can’t even imagine how hard this whole ordeal has been.

Allegedly, the funnyman assaulted Andrea back in January 2004 and reported the incident to the authorities a year later. Unfortunately, a month later, Castor decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute the Emmy winner.

Cosby and his alleged victim eventually settled the issue out of court in 2006.

Though, we’re not entirely shocked that Andrea’ legal team is going after the attorney since they previously demanded a public apology for a series of comments he made in the The Philadelphia Inquirer, and on Twitter and Facebook.

Troiani continued:

“Our issue is not whether Bill Cosby should or should not be arrested. That’s not our point. Our point is that you don’t treat victims this way.”

Hear, hear!

This particular lawsuit comes a mere week after Bruce and his opponent utilized the Cosby case in their TV ads for their campaign for district attorney. Yikes!

In fact, the controversial legal expert has since blamed his rival, Kevin Steele, for the defamation lawsuit.

He noted:

“The lawsuit filed today, seven days before an election, is the cheapest of Steele’s cheap campaign stunts. It is the act of a desperate candidate who is down in the polls and headed to defeat. It is totally without merit.”

Those are certainly fighting words. It’s sad to see the amount of mud-slinging going back and forth.

However, what’s troubling is that Constand has accused the defendant of attempting to foil the current D.A. Risa Vetri Ferman‘s case into the highly profiled incident. Supposedly, comments made by Bruce to a local newspaper caused the D.A.’s office to slow down in their investigation.

Troiani relayed:

“The DA’s office committed an immense amount of resources to reopen this case. They sent five people to Canada to interview Andrea. They re-interviewed all the witnesses. After that interview, it stopped cold.”

It’s said that Ferman has yet to comment on the claims.

The suit seeks to get Cosby’s alleged victim $150,000 in damages if won. Here’s hoping Andrea can find closure surrounding this matter sooner than later.

Fingers crossed.

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Oct 27, 2015 8:29am PDT

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