Battle Of The Big Personalities! Inside Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez’s Breakup!

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It appears as though this was a long time coming.

Now that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have filed for divorce, we’re starting to learn a little bit more about their rocky romance, and why they couldn’t work it out.

Photos: Halle & Olivier Through The Years!

Sources say that, while the actors were married for two years, the former flames certainly struggled to maintain a happy union:

“They have had many issues. They both have fiery personalities and don’t like to compromise. Halle has threatened to file for divorce several times after arguments.”

However, it turns out the final straw was actually a pretty big problem for the pair — they didn’t agree on their living situation!

As it turns out, back when the Dark Tide co-stars got hitched, they had agreed to live in France with Halle’s daughter, Nahla — from her relationship with Gabriel Aubry — and the child they were about to have.

However, Extant‘s leading lady and her ex were in a heated custody battle, and ultimately a judge ruled that she could not move her daughter to Europe.

So, Olivier had to instead live in LA, where insiders explain he wasn’t happy:

“Olivier never loved living in L.A. full time. [He] just isn’t happy in L.A.”

Apparently, another issue between the tumultuous twosome was the French film actor’s anger. A source reveals:

“He has a violent temper. [Friends say] he has an out of control hair-trigger temper.”

That’s actually something that Halle could end up paying for, since the former couple is being sued by an LAX employee that the foreign father had knocked to the ground with a car seat earlier this year.

And believe it or not, there was still ANOTHER point of contention between these two! According to an insider, Olivier couldn’t handle his now-estranged wife’s busy schedule:

“Olivier is complaining that he and Halle are not spending much time together and that she is working too much. He never wanted her to sign on for [CBSExtant] and Olivier was hoping they would focus on family time together after Maceo was born.”

In fact, their relationship got so strained that they would live in separate locations for extended periods of time. A source elaborates:

“They are both aware that they have difficult personalities and have tried to stay in the marriage by not living together. Many times, Halle [had] been staying at the Malibu house and Olivier at the Chateau Marmont. They are much better when they don’t spent too much time together. They have gone weeks without seeing each other, but then has managed to patch things up again.”

Ultimately, a confidante says the marriage just wasn’t what they had expected:

“Even though they are married, they always had very separate lives. Their marriage has never been what Olivier imagined it to be. It’s been a disappointment to him.”

We’re sad to see another couple split, but sometimes it’s what’s best for everyone involved. We just hope Halle, Olivier, and their child will move on to happier, healthier lives.

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Oct 27, 2015 5:06pm PST

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