The Walking Dead Exec Producer All But Confirms Fan Theory About THAT Major Character Death!

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It looks like The Walking Dead fans can breath a little easier — for one more week at least!

We felt pretty strongly that the evidence was on our side that [Spoiler]‘s death was a head fake — so to speak — but we were still scared.

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Thankfully some new quotes from exec producer Greg Nicotero make us feel even more confident in this fan theory!

The theory goes:

Glenn isn’t really dead because when he fell into the crowd of walkers, Nicholas’ dead body fell on top of him. That’s the body we see the walkers tearing apart.

If that’s the case, the angle of the shot, everything was designed specifically to mess with fans’ heads.

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Though Nicotero wouldn’t give a definitive answer on whether Glenn survived, saying only that “it seems pretty clear that somebody died,” he did admit to quite a bit of deception.

When asked whether the plan was to purposely make what happened unclear to the audience, the makeup maestro turned producer explained:

“Yes! And I think that adds to the mystery of it. It was a very specific intent when this sequence was even being designed. I got an early phone call from [showrunner] Scott Gimple saying, ‘Hey, I have this idea,’ and he and I worked on it quite a bit to choreograph it in such a way that wasn’t necessarily deceiving, but felt more realistic. The fact that there’s a crowd of 1,000 zombies around them — you may not get a 100 percent clear glimpse of what’s happening. But it’s like looking at a car accident or something, where you see it for a sec and your brain process it one way. We really wanted to design the sequence with that in mind.”

OK, he won’t commit to the character death, AND he’s basically admitting to planning the scene to fake out the audience.

We’re thinking the theory — we’ll just call it Operation: Human Shield — is pretty well bolstered!

What do YOU think??

[Image via AMC.]

Oct 27, 2015 10:52am PDT

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