Woman Who Stood By Her Murdered Husband’s Car For 15 Hours Waiting For Him To Come Home Commits Suicide Days After His Death

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What a sad end to an already tragic story.

A man in Dallas was murdered two weeks ago while out on a run at a local park, and now it’s being reported that his wife has committed suicide just 13 days later.

In a horrific random attack on October 12, former Texas A&M football player Thomas Johnson, 21, attacked and killed 53-year-old Dave Stevens.

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After weeks of being unable to cope with the sudden loss of her husband, it seems as though Patti Stevens, 54, decided to end her pain and killed herself in her garage this past Sunday.

What makes this story even more unbearably heartbreaking is that on the day of the murder, Patti actually heard about a fatal attack at the park, so she got worried and went to find her husband.

She found only his empty car, so she waited at the vehicle for about 15 hours, afraid that contacting authorities would confirm it was her husband who was found dead.

At midnight, she finally made that call and did indeed confirm her worst fears.

Patti and Dave had been married for 25 years prior to his violent death, and we cannot being to imagine how difficult the previous two weeks without her partner were for her.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the loss of the Stevens family at this terrible time.

[Image via Patti and Dave Stevens/Facebook.]

Oct 27, 2015 12:24pm PDT

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