This Acclaimed Director LOVES Zola’s Crazy Story! Does This Mean There’s A Movie In The Making??

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In pretty much no time at all, it seems as though Zola has become a household name, thanks to her INSANE story about sex, drugs, and murder that blew up online — even though she has since deleted the whole thing!

Well, when Twitter users read the incredibly long, yet ridiculously captivating, tale of her Florida odyssey, they went bonkers!

But now, the viral sensation is receiving attention from Golden Globe-nominated director Ava Duvernay over the outrageous narrative!

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The Selma filmmaker took to the status sharing site to post her thoughts on the Hooters server’s story, saying:

Zola saw this, and had NO chill about it, writing:

The 43-year-old responded by raving about her work, adding:

However, the storyteller did want to clarify one little thing to the movie maven, explaining:

To which Ava replied:

But it seems as though Zola really learned a lot from this brief back-and-forth, because she’s now planning to legally lock this story down, tweeting:

PLEASE let this mean Zola: The Movie will be coming to a theater near us!

[Image via Aziah King/Twitter, Derrick Salters/WENN.]

Oct 28, 2015 9:02pm PDT

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