Lawyer & Alleged Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Victim Tamara Green Vows To ‘Have Her Day In Court’

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Tamara Green is not backing down.

Green, who publicly made the claim that Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1970, just won a major legal victory in her defamation case against the comedian.

Essentially, the lawyer sued Cosby earlier this year after his legal team publicly spread lies and slander about the redhead following her public support for another alleged assault victim, Andrea Constand.

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T.G., who was no stranger to the comedian’s ugly tactics, decided to sue for defamation. While the Cosby Show star pleaded for a judge to have the case dismissed, his request was denied on October 9.

Speaking on the victory, Tamara gushed:

“I was just really thrilled and relieved. I want people to know I’m willing to tell the truth in front of a jury under penalty of perjury because it’s a true story and it needed to be told. I think it’s more credible than just a ‘he said, she said.'”

We agree — the SoCal resident deserves to have her story heard!

While the win is a positive step forward, the momma knows her testimony won’t be easy, explaining:

“I have to say that after we got the ruling I had nightmares. I thought, ‘Here we go. Game on.’ Theorizing about it and wishing for it and hoping for it is an altogether different thing than when the gate opens, the bell rings and the old horse jumps out of the gate.”

Wow, we can’t imagine how nervous and scared Tam must feel! Not to mention the legal expert has to relive the public scrutiny all over again:

“It’s difficult to live under that kind of scrutiny. People really thought I was the villain. I was the bad guy. People look at you and say, ‘Well, you’re just trying to get attention. You’re just trying to get money’. It was devastating. It never occurred to me no one would believe me. Why would I stand up and stick my neck out and take the heat I was taking if I weren’t telling the truth?”

How difficult. Hopefully the public will be more understanding of Tamara’s story this time around.

Good luck girl and stay strong!

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Oct 29, 2015 5:52pm PDT

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