Caitlyn Jenner’s Son Burt Says He’s Known She Was Transgender For Over Two Decades!

He says he's 'always been supportive!'

Caitlyn Jenner shocked the world when she first came out as transgender to Diane Sawyer earlier this year. But there was one person who wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

The 66-year-old’s oldest son, Burt, revealed to Esquire that he’d actually known the truth about the former Olympian‘s gender identity for two-and-a-half decades, saying:

“A lot of people don’t know that this is something that I’ve known now for, I think, 25 years. Before I was allowed to tell anybody, or before my dad even knew that I knew, I went and marched on behalf of Prop 8 through the streets of Los Angeles. I’ve always tried to be an outspoken supporter of the LGBT community.”

The 37-year-old has always had his prominent parent’s back, and remembers one time he contemplated dressing up as Lady Gaga for Halloween.

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He admits he wondered if people would assume he was transgender once Caitlyn came out, but decided that didn’t matter, and followed through with the costume:

“I made the conscious decision that I’m going to do it every single year and I don’t give a sh*t if people call me transgender. That’s my vote of confidence. I’m not├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥but I don’t care if they go around saying it. That was what I was going for, to say, ‘Go ahead and call me that. It’s not something negative and that’s not something that I’m going to be defensive of or concerned about. It’s not a threat to me. If my dad can do it, then I can certainly sit here and have people call me transgender or wonder if I am. I don’t really care.”

When the brunette beauty finally made her debut, the race car driver was incredibly proud, explaining:

“I was very excited. Part of me was screaming to say, ‘Hey, I’ve known for 25 years and I’ve always been supportive!’ I always will be.”

However, he was worried that his colleagues in the off-roading community wouldn’t be as open-minded, saying:

“It’s a very machismo crowd, and very conservative. But I’ve been blown away with the response and I’m very thankful for the support. What I’ve found is that people are always only willing to say stuff under the anonymity of social media.”

The competitive racer admits he didn’t feel Caitlyn was entirely supportive of pursuing a driving career when he was younger, but now he believes that’s all changed:

“He finally does. I should practice saying she finally does. Far much more than she ever did when I was younger and trying to race.

We’re glad Burt is seeing the same support from the reality star that he’s shown for the past couple decades!

[Image via Burt Jenner/Instagram, Alberto Reyes/WENN.]

Oct 29, 2015 7:13pm PDT

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