China Is Finally Ending Its Controversial One-Child Policy After 36 Years!

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What good news for international human rights!

For the past 36 years, China has been implementing one of the most controversial laws in the world to fight overpopulation… but the rule was officially abolished early Thursday morning.

1979’s One-Child Policy made it so Chinese couples in urban living conditions were legally only allowed to have a single kid. But in an effort to make it so the current generation isn’t too sparse, families all throughout the country may now have two children.

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China’s Communist Party made the announcement, calling the preexisting law a success, saying they prevented an estimated 400 million births in the span of nearly four decades — which is about 5.4 percent of the world’s entire population!

While some experts praised the Policy as an effective way to save the planet’s limited resources, unexpected reactions to the law, such as high abortion rates of female fetuses and a nationwide gender imbalance, had human rights activists condemning the regulation.

Interestingly, it is not believed the new ruling will heavily effect many citizens since families with a single child have become the new norm. But now couples who do want two children will be able to do so without fear of punishment.

What do U think about China’s decision to end the One-Child Policy??

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Oct 29, 2015 11:29am PDT

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