Buffy‘s Nicholas Brendon Breaks Silence After Entering Rehab For Depression — See What He Said Here

nicholas brendon breaks silence rehab stint

Nothing but positive vibes!

Nicholas Brendon, best known for his role as Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has had quite a rough year.

This year alone the 44-year-old actor split with his wife, Moonda Tee, after only five-months of marriage, opened up about his depression and history of sexual abuse, been arrested several times, entered rehab a couple times already, and very publicly walked off the set of Dr. Phil, after asking the TV host for help.

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Sadly it hasn’t gotten much better as just this month the Buffy alum was arrested for a public dispute in New York City, and had to address footage that leaked of him publicly attempting suicide.

After these recent events, Brendon checked himself in to a 90-day-treatment program where he’s learning to have a positive outlook and realizes that “life is worth living.”

Now Nicholas is continuing that positive streak as he released a new statement, regarding what he’s going through. He said:

“Hi everyone. Depression is a real bitch. Monday night I left for 90 day in-treatment at a very good facility. I want to thank all of you out there who’ve supported me during this very very VERY bad last year and a half. Lots of love to you guys.”

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He continued by saying:

“For those of you who have shared your own struggles with depression and other issues with me, it helps me to know we’re not alone, especially when other people tell us to ‘snap out of it.’ If my struggles with depression and substance abuse have helped you deal with your own at all, that’s a silver lining on a pretty black cloud.”

He finished by staying positive and hopeful for the future by stating:

“I’m very hopeful that 2014-15 is the rock bottom of my life and I’m looking forward to finding the man that my family, my friends, and my fans believe I can be. See you all in 2016.”

We really hope this is rock bottom for Nicholas too. We can’t imagine a year much worse than what he’s gone through so far!

Good luck Brendon! We hope to see you clean, happy, and healthy in 2016!

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Oct 29, 2015 7:37am PDT

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