Hold Up! This ‘Sequel’ To Zola’s Twisted Twitter Tale Isn’t What You Think!

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The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away.

Wednesday was one of our favorite days in the history of social media when a woman named Zola won the Internet thanks to her insanely detailed Twitter story about getting involved in the sex working industry of Florida.

Well, the Twitterverse was again aflutter on Thursday when it seemed as though everyone’s favorite supporting character Jess had joined the social media network to share her side of the story!

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And while things started off brilliantly for Chapter Two of the greatest story ever told, Jess’ rendition of how things really went down was a tad different than how Zola painted the picture.

Jess began her version of the Florida vacation from hell at the same Hooters as Zola, saying:

Everything checks out so far.

Plus, asking a stranger about the legitimacy of their boobs does sound like the Zola we’ve come to know and love would do. LOLz!

Unfortunately, after about 52 tweets, Jess’ story takes a weird turn where she mostly just starts name dropping celebs like Beyonc├â┬⌐, Nicki Minaj, and Mariah Carey

We’re right there with her about Rihanna and ANTI, by the way.

Jess tried to play off the wacky turn of events as a hack at first, but she went on to crush our dreams saying the whole thing was just a hoax.

We get that the Jess imposter isn’t a fan of praising drugs and violence, but stereotyping strippers as illiterate isn’t much better… just sayin’.

Hopefully the one, true Zola returns soon to bless us with even more gems from her glorious life.

Do U think we’ll ever really get Jess’ side of the story??

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Oct 29, 2015 4:57pm PDT

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