The REAL Jess Is Speaking Out About That Trip To Florida — And Calling BS On Zola’s Twitter Tale!

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#ZolasStory lives on!

Internet superstar Zola‘s story about a vacation gone awry is still one of our favorite parts of 2015, and now it looks like her partner in crime is finally sharing her side of the story.

While a hoax Twitter account claiming to belong to Jess popped up on social media on Thursday, the mother-of-one spoke to the press on Friday about what really happened down in Florida.

And, you guessed it, she claims everything Zola said was a lie!

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According to her version of events, the supposed murder straight up didn’t happen, and no one got arrested in Las Vegas because she’s never even been to Sin City.

Plus, Jess says that Zola was actually the one who turned to prostitution after failing to make much money stripping back in March.

We’re inclined to still believe Zola, just because of how detailed her original story was, but maybe it’s Jess who’s telling the truth??

Which one do U believe??


[Image via Jessica Rae/Instagram.]

Oct 30, 2015 1:23pm PDT

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